# Overview

ShareID provides you with a set of features:

  • User identity verification
  • ID documents authentication
  • Authentication with official identity

These features are available in the ShareID SDKs.

The ShareID SDKs are built in design to offer the best user experience. We leverage artificial intelligence during the acquisition phase to enable a frictionless user experience.
The modular design enables a tailored integration of ShareID SDKs into your application flow.

🖋️   Note:

ShareID SDKs will help you capture the videos required for AI processing.
The AI processing requires the access to ShareID's API to communicate with the backend and retrieve the report.

Example of SDK screens

# Business credentials

Upon your registration with ShareID, you will receive an email to generate your business Identifier and a Business Secret Key.
Please make sure you store them in a safe and secure place as they are your credentials to access ShareID.

⚠️   Important:

Your crediantials are your responsability. You must never expose them in your frontend.

# Business scopes

# 1. Business access scope

A business access scope contains the list of features that you can access:

  • Authentication with official identity
  • ID verification - Onboarding
  • Documents authenticity

The business scope is set on ShareID's side upon your registration and can be updated on demand.

# 2. Business acceptance scope

A business acceptance scope contains the list of official identity documents that your business accepts per country. You will be required to set up this scope upon your registration.

The business acceptance scope is set on ShareID's side upon your registration and can be updated on demand or on your business dashboard.

You are all set to start your SDK integration.

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